Start your child's year right

with a Back-to-School Celebration!

  • So much to do!
  • So much to buy!
  • So much to organize!

AND So little time.

Are you ready?

Get Your Party Started, the Stressless Way.

Get the Party Package Now!
Back to School Party table

The Back to School Party has been created for busy families like you!

All the researching, coordinating, and planning have been done for you, which:

Saves You Time


  • No need to scour Pinterest for great ideas! The research has been done for you!
  • Games, crafts, a photo booth DIY, props, and more are there for you to use a few or all of them! All crafts and games are printables needing few, if any, other supplies.
  • A coordinated party package that uses stickers to create your own branded tableware.

Saves you money

  • The Party allows you to print and use what you want and need to host your own Back-to-School Party.
  • The party can be used each year. Also, the package is updated every year so your printables are never out of date.
  • Some of the Printables can be used for classroom parties as well as at-home parties. More than one use!

The Back to School Party provides the

printables and more

you need to succeed.

The Back to School Party!

is the solution to creating your sensational, feel-good

get-together to start the school year right!


What's new in 2022!

Back to School Invitations

Brand New for


School Year

Fun and colorful Invitations to invite your family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate a brand new beginning.

Also Brand New for the

2022-2023 School Year

  • Now included are 4 brightly colored Tic Tac tow Boards and playing pieces.
  • 9 Bingo Game Boards and playing pieces for young players.
  • 10 Traditional Bingo Game Boards and playing pieces for older players.
Back to School Games 2022-Bingo, Tic Tac Toe
Back to School Party Games

Plus Active Games for 2022 (instructions and printables included)

  • Punch a Cup Game
  • Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt for Readers and non-readers
  • Scavenger Hunt bags to keep things organized.

Photography Checklist and Suggestions

  • Suggestions for making sure you check your equipment for the big day
  • A suggested list of great photo opportunities
  • Video Ideas - suggestions for videos to save
  • A Mini checklist you can make to keep with you to remind you of the many wonderful memories to capture
  • It's all about recording these wonderful life moments to share for so many years to come.
Back to School Photography
Get the Party Bundle!

Let Cool Parties 4 Kids help you!

You are a busy mom!

You want your child to start the new school year with excitement and

positive anticipation for the Best Year Ever!


Why Start the year with a Back-to-School Party?

1) I understand how much it means to celebrate a new school year in a positive way. I have 4 grown kids and always wanted them to anticipate the adventure of learning new things and having fun with friends.

2) Start the year in a positive frame of mind instead of uncertainty and concern.

3) Setting the tone for the year doesn't have to be hard, costly, or exhausting.

Cool Parties 4 Kids helps you with a complete printable party package. Celebrate big or small or medium. It's up to you. You create your party using as many or as few of the components as you see fit. You can totally customize it to your needs and wants. So, the party will

  • Save on Time,
  • Money,
  • and Stress

Whenever the party is updated, you have access to everything added for as long as the party is active and that should be a very long time!

This party is designed with you in mind.

Sharing a wonderful day with family and friends can also be

stressful, exhausting, and costly.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Get the Back-to-School Party so you can plan and enjoy

the day with those you love.

What are you waiting for? Get the Back-to-School now!

Stop wasting time scouring Pinterest Boards for all the great ideas,

and check out this amazing time-limited offer!

The Back to School Party is a Complete* Printable Package;

just add your family's favorite recipes.

*a few basic craft supplies and goodie bag items are purchased separately.

Back to School Party table
Get the party bundle!

What's Included?

Back to School Invitations

Back to School Invitations

Get 2 variations of the brightly colored invitations to set the tone of your celebration.

Back to School Signs

Back-to-School Signs

The signs are bright and fun! Using the traditional chalkboard, the colors just pop! Using your imagination, add them to a wreath on your front door, on your party table, and around the celebration area.

Back to School Party Banner

Back to School Banners

come in two sizes: Large is about 8x10 and small banner measures about 5x7. An additional bunting is included which is great as a cake topper or used to decorate a cake pedestal, among other things.

Back to School Decorative Papers

Decorative Printable Papers

Five sheets of coordinating papers plus a sheet of bright trim strips are included. These can be used in a multitude of ways. I enjoy using them to embellish Styrofoam pedestals to elevate various parts of the elements of the table. It is a great way to add interest to your décor and make your party stand out!

Back to School Beverage Labels

Beverage Labels and Wrappers

2-Liter Bottle Wrappers for both small and large labeled bottles are included, along with Juice Pouch Stickers, water bottle wrappers, and stickers you can add to your paper cups and dessert bowls. Save money by using generic paper goods but with the stickers, you are able to have a coordinated table.

Back-to-School Cupcakes

Standard Size Cupcake Toppers, Topper Backs, and Wrappers plus Mini Cupcake Toppers, Topper Backs, and Wrappers

Cupcake Toppers, Backs, and Wrappers add wonderful color and personality. You can also change the look of the party with icing colors. On the left, I used red and yellow, with a yellow background. Red, blue, and yellow were used on the Mini Cupcakes on the right, with a white background.

Back to School Food Labels

Table Tents and Circled Labels

  • 24 Labels Table Tent
  • 4 Unlabeled Table Tents-print as many as you want.
  • 36 Labeled Food Circles and 12 unlabeled Food Circles
Back to School Tableware Stickers

Stickers to customize Cups and Dessert Cups

Save money by purchasing plain colored cups and dessert cups by using the Back-to-School themed stickers.

Back to School Snack Wrappers/Stickers

Wrappers for your candy:

  • Hershey Kisses Stickers
  • Large Chocolate Bar Wrappers
  • Wrappers for the mini chocolate bars.
Back to School Party Bookmarks, Door Hangers and Lunchbox cards

Making School More Fun

  • Encourage good study habits with Study Door Hangers
  • Bookmarks for all those books!
  • Lunch Box Positivity/ Encouraging Cards
Back to School Pillow Box and Cookie Box

Treat Boxes

  • Cookie Boxes that are good for candies, cookies ad other treats
  • School Bus Pillow Box- so fun for party treats as well as classroom treats.
Back to School Games

Quiet and Active Games-New for 2022

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Bingo-2 levels of play
  • Punch a Cup Game
  • Back to School Scavenger Games- 2 levels

Want some fun crafts and party favors?

Back to School Bookmarks, study door hanger and lunch box cards

Give Your Kids a great start to the new year!

With a medley of favorite things to give their new year a sensational start:

Set them up with fun and good study habits with:

  • School-themed bookmarks
  • Cool door hangers to encourage studying
  • Amusing, positive. and meaningful lunchbox cards to let them know you are thinking about them.

Want Cute Treats for guests?

Two colorful treat boxes are included.

The cookie bag is great for cookies and other treats, including mini candy bars, min Reeces Cups and Hershey Kisses (all have colorful Back-to-School Wrappers).

Either one could easily be used as a Back-to-School treat for teachers, school bus drivers, and whoever you want to brighten up their day!

Back to School Pillow Box and Cookie Box

Bonus #1 School Bus Photo-Booth DIY ($27 Value)

Back to School Photo-Booth

Get the School Bus Photo-Booth Tutorial

Includes printables to add to a simple tri-fold presentation board (easily available), and uses a couple of simple types of tape and craft foam-a common kids crafting material.

BONUS #2- Photo Booth Props ($22 Value)

Back to School Photo Booth Props



Photo Booth Props

The photo booth props were designed to be super-easy to cut out. Attach to sticks and "Strike Your Pose!

Barb King Cool Parties 4 Kids

Hey there,

I'm Barb.

And I started Cool Parties 4 Kids when my 4 kids had grown up. I was so busy all the time they were at home.

As a mom, I was a Cub Scout Leader for every level of Scouting, ending with Webelos. I was an advisor for an Eagle Scout candidate. He did a great job. Also, I was a 4H Horse Club Leader, which was the most fantastic fun for all of us!

When the kids were growing up, we had some great parties. It reached the point where parents would call to see if their other child(ren) could attend. I figured out how to handle it in a wonderfully practical way.

I was happy that people loved the parties!

I loved to color code the teams with vests and more. It was so fun to see how far I could take a theme. Over time, friends would ask me to help plan their parties. And it was so fun! With the encouragement of friends, Cool Parties 4 Kids was born.

I want to share what I have learned over the years to help other moms now. Let's create fun and wonderful memories.

So, Cool Parties 4 Kids was created for you!

I love being a mom, and want to share with you so that now, and in the future,

you can stop and enjoy the memories you are making with those you love so much!